How to get ready faster in the morning

If I could sleep even just 5 more minutes longer I would. 100%

There’s so many little things that I’ve learned doing hair that make such a HUGE difference. Remember hairstylists have to be timely for the next guest coming through the door. Here’s 5 things that will make you faster at doing your own hair at home.

1) Clips

I remember the days when I used a single hair-tie to section my hair. Using multiple shark clips is a game changer! You spend way too much time just wrapping that band over and over your hair. Just clip it! It’s so much easier and faster and gentler on your hair.

I love YS park clips, they hold up so well in my thick hair.

2. Rough dry your hair

Before you start blow drying your hair and use all of your upper body strength trying to look like a Victoria secret angel. Dry you hair to 75% dry and THEN use the round brush. I didn’t ever think about this until I got to cosmetology school. Why put in so much work? Do the bare minimum in life always people.

Parlux blowdryer is the best blowdryer I have ever used.

3. Use products

If you can use a serum to make your hair look smoother and dry faster instead of wasting 10 extra precious sleeping moments, why the fuck wouldn’t you?! It’s worth it. Products help your hair dry faster, smoother and look better.

Eufora products work like no other.

4. Pre-section your hair

Now that you’re using your alligator clips and you’ve rough dried your hair, use all your alligator clips and section your hair as much as you can. This will help you focus on one piece at a time and other hair won’t be in your way. Then you take out the next clip and then the next one and boom you’re done.

5. Dry Shampoo

The last one is important. If your hair still looks good from the curls you did the night before…slap on some dry shampoo and call it a day! I am a firm believer in Dry Shampoo.

Is the picture above me?

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