My experience with Brazilian Blowout

So what is a Brazilian Blowout? A Brazilian Blowout is a smoothing treatment that doesn’t completely remove the curl pattern in your hair. It removes frizz for 90 days, that way it keeps curls or waves but just not the frizzy-ness. It adds shine, moisture, and helps preserve color your color.

There are a couple of misconceptions that people have about Brazilian Blowout. I want to address this because I would never do anything on my guests that I didn’t 100% believe in. It is NOT unsafe to get a Brazilian Blowout done, just like it’s not unsafe for me or other stylists to do them everyday. It’s a chemical just like color that we work with everyday. It’s NOT a perm, a perm is forever until we cut your hair off. Brazilian Blowouts lasts about 90 days. Brazilian Blowout will NOT ruin your hair, I can’t speak on any other smoothing or keratin treatments. I am not experienced and educated on other treatment except the Brazilian Blowout. I have only seen the health of my guests hair and my own hair improve after getting a Brazilian done.

I have done the Brazilian Blowout on my guests before but this was the first time I, myself experienced the service. For context, my hair is processed, coarse, frizzy and I have A TON of it. Every morning I did my hair and by the time I walked through the Houston humidity, it had destroyed the styling I worked on. I would blow dry and straighten my hair and it would never stay straight like I wanted it to be. I asked one of my co workers Riley (@LovelyLocksbyRiley on Instagram) to give me a Brazilian because she would always say “You need a Brazilian”. So I said fine, let’s try it.

Here lies a photo of my after blow drying and curling my hair. My ends are a tad bit poofy and by my temples my baby hairs are acting funny. I circled my frizzy-ness.

So what happened during a Brazilian is they shampooed my hair with a clarifying shampoo twice, applied a solution all throughout my hair, blow dried it, flat ironed it(at this point my hair is the most straight and beautiful I have ever seen it), washed it all out, applied a mask and then blow dried. Bring snacks when you come, it’s a long process but it’s 100% worth it. Also I was so happy that someone was playing with my hair, I could have slept through the whole thing.

Oh. My. Gosh. I didn’t know how amazing and easy my hair would be after getting one. The first couple of days, I didn’t wash my hair only because I didn’t have to. My hair stayed perfect for almost a week. I just applied dry shampoo in between the days. The first time I washed my hair myself, when I got out of the shower I let it air dry and it looked like I had straightened my hair. I hadn’t even applied any products yet or blow dryed it. I was blown away because my hair typically took me 45 minutes at least to dry and smooth. My hair took me less than 10 minutes. It blowdried much faster, smoother and shinier. I texted Riley immediately saying THANK YOU! Me a hairstylist was so thankful for my hairstylist.

Here are some photos of my first time washing and blow drying my Brazilian

excuse my teddy bear, also I glazed my hair darker for fall. 🍁🧡💛

It’s been almost a month since I’ve gotten my Brazilian. My hair is still so much easier to do and I live in the most humid environment. I don’t dread washing my hair anymore. I can’t recommend this enough. Maybe it’s because I have always had frizzy hair and It’s the first time I don’t have. Either way. It’s worth it. Not stressing out about how long it will take me to do my hair, is so worth it.

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