Is dirty hair better before a color service?

Enlight44I have guests tell me almost every single day, “I didn’t know whether or not to wash my hair. I heard that it’s better to have dirty hair for your hair appointment. So I didn’t wash my hair”

It’s a common misconception that coming to salon with dirty hair is good for the color and for you.

So here’s the thing, a long time ago having an oily scalp was good before a color service because it protected you from getting any type of irritation. Technology and science has evolved since then and what we used in 1970 is not what we use in 2018. Harsher chemicals that were being used previously are no longer being used today.

At our salon, we use Eufora color. The color line is made up of jojoba oil, aloe and beeswax. Most of their color has no ammonia or less than 1 percent of ammonia. Which means, it is still a chemical HOWEVER it’s not the chemicals that were being used previously. Also very high grade ingredients are put into the product line. Alongside Eufora, a lot of lines in the market have gotten rid of extremely harsh chemicals in their color lines. Ask your salon what the color they use contains, typically the stylists are well educated on the line.

With that being said, there is a correct way to prep your hair for the salon.

You should come to the salon with your hair pre-cleansed.

What I mean by that is you should come with your hair shampoo’d with a professional detoxifying shampoo. The reason being is that your hair is about to come in to contact with chemicals. Chemicals can react unpredictably when they come into contact with others. This includes medicines and mineral buildup. I would recommend Eufora’s Urgent Repair Shampoo to detox your hair, it’s very gentle and I love the peppermint-y feel.


When you take medicine or any type of drugs for that matter, evidence is left on your hair. So much so that follicle drug testing is used as evidence in court. Medicine also stays on your hair, for a long time. When medicine comes in contact with other chemicals. It does some weird things. We have seen hair turn neon green, become extremely brittle, and flat out reject color when certain medication is being used. This does not mean that you should stop taking your medication or that this will happen to you. However pre-cleansing your hair helps get rid of some of that chemical buildup and prevent any other mishaps.

We have also seen that when hair is being washed with hard water with a lot of mineral buildup can get extremely hot during the lightening process. Adding too much heat to color could cause irreversible damage to hair. It’s best if we don’t get to that space. Pre-cleansing with a clarifying shampoo takes care of that problem.

What I personally recommend is come with clean, clarified hair. However be sure to let your stylist about any concerns you may have. If you feel like your scalp is dry before an on scalp color application also tell them, as they may apply a serum or soothing agent to your scalp before color.

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