How do I maintain my hair after color?

You finally did it! You took the leap and got your color done! It looks beautiful. What do you do now? When do you come back? How do I keep it this pretty?

When you get your color done, there is always maintenance behind it. Your hair has recently been chemically altered, so it’s natural that you have to take different steps to keep it vibrant, healthy and beautiful. Here are a few of the basics.

You have to switch to a color safe shampoo

A sulfate free, color safe shampoo is essential! You cannot go back home and put $5 shampoo on your $200 color. Not only that, make sure that the shampoo you choose to switch to is nourishing and healthy for the hair. My recommendation is to use what your stylist used on your hair. If your stylist is making a customized recommendation for you, take it! The ones I love are Eufora, they’re all color safe and extremely nourishing.

You need to use heat protection

Now that your hair has been chemically processed, if you ever want to go lighter or keep your hair healthy. You need to make sure you’re not damaging it with heat. There is nothing wrong with using heat on your hair, such as long as you protect it! Also some heat protectants even help your color last even longer. Eufora’s color locking system for example is a two part blow dry lotion and shine spray with heat protectant properties that also seals the cuticle and prevents color molecules from escaping the hair shaft during heat styles.

You need to use the right heat for your hair

If your hair texture is fine and you are curling your hair at 400 degrees, your hair can fry off. It’s possible! Listen to your hair type and texture. If your hair is coarser, you can probably get away with 300-350. Start off with 200, see if that’s enough for you. Gradually go higher as your hair needs it, once your find your temperature do not exceed it. If you cannot adjust your temperature on your heat tools, I STRONGLY recommend finding heat tools that do. USmooth has my favorite curling irons and leaves the hair feeling even softer than before.

You need to see your stylist every 6 weeks

Roughly, it depends on what has been done. However, if your hair has been lightened, you need to come back to see your stylist. You will need to maintain your new locks. I always recommend a glaze for my guests who have lightened hair every 6 weeks to deposit or eliminate tones. It helps seal the cuticle and add shine, that along with routine hair trims. That will help keep the hair so much healthier.

Talk to your stylist. They will see your hair in person and know more depending on your texture and wants/needs. They will set you up for good hair days 💁🏻‍♀️

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