Why you should use professional shampoo

I know what you’re thinking. I know it. Your Tresseme is just fine, I’ve been using it for years. Plus, what’s the difference anyways?

There’s a huge difference. The shampoo you’re using on your hair affects the health of your hair and how it behaves. A shampoo switch could make your life so much easier in the morning and preserve your color much longer, amongst other things.

Here’s why you should be using what your stylist recommended


Yes, you’re shampoo from the drug store is now sulfate free and that’s great! However, how much alcohol does it have in it? How much water is in it? Are the ingredients truly nourishing or is it just masking the problem? Sometimes shampoos make your hair feel good but it’s not actually healing the hair. It’s like spraying Febreeze in a dirty room. It’s not really fixing the problem. The order of the ingredients go from greatest to least. Whatever is on the top is 90% of your shampoo. Look for something that contains wholesome ingredients like natural oils and plants. Most professional shampoo’s are not using plastics or harsh alcohol’s. My favorite shampoo’s for my guests are Eufora, their main ingredients in most of their shampoo is Organic Aloe or Sage and Thyme.

Your color

If you just spent $200+ on your color, don’t go put a sulfate filled shampoo over it. Your color will wash out and it will feel dry like the Sahara desert and dull. Which means more services sooner and more haircuts! We all know you want your hair to look like Rapunzel’s.

You can feel the difference

Doesn’t your hair always feel amazing when you walk out of the salon? Why wouldn’t you want to feel like that everyday. Yes the stylist did style it, but they used professional products and shampoo on it. That’s a lot of where the shine and smoothness is coming from. Why not invest in saving time in the morning. Chances are you will feel a difference in your hair!

The choice is yours! We all just want pretty hair, right?

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