How to get exactly what you asked for at the Hair Salon

Have you ever gone to the salon already dreaming of the new look you’ll walk out with. Already texted all your friends that you’re getting a new look. Plotted taking a bomb selfie afterwards that will most likely be your next profile picture? Your stylist is just as excited as you are. You guys spend hours together. You watch them work their magic, you cant wait any longer! When its time to turn you around in the chair…you hate it.

It’s not that its ugly, it’s just not what you envisioned. Was it something I said? How do you avoid this from happening? What can you do to avoid this and how do you communicate with your stylist the look that you want?

*Disclaimer: Sometimes what you may want does require multiple sessions to get to there. Your stylist should let you know that, everyone’s hair is different.*

Make a Pinterest board

When you bring in a couple of pictures of multiple things that you love, it gives the stylist options and you can point out what you love about each picture. Sometimes your perfect color and cut are on two different pictures so don’t be afraid of bringing a ton.

Talk about WHAT in the picture you love

When you bring in a photo, make sure the stylist knows, whats your favorite parts of the photo? For example, instead of saying I love this, lets do this. Say, I love the color blonde this is and how solid the blonde pieces are in this picture. Then your stylist will have a very clear idea of what you want.

Tell them what you DON’T want

Be sure to be vocal about the things you dislike. For example if you’re showing a photo you like but you’re not a huge fan of the dark roots, say that! Say that you hate really short layers and being too blonde washes you out. They will steer clear of anything you dislike.

Tell them about your favorite hair that you’ve ever had

Talk about things you’ve had done that you love. Even if you’re going for a new look, knowing what you have had and loved may indicate what your preferences are. Maybe you always gravitate towards having warm tones in your hair and now you’re going lighter. We can try out warm tones because you enjoy having warmth and it brings out your big brown eyes.

Be open to suggestions

Sometimes the stylist knows when something won’t look spectacular on you. That’s okay! Maybe they can suggest something that is very similar and can give you the same feel and also look spectacular. Trust your stylist and don’t be afraid to talk to them and receive feedback.

Sometimes hair is like play-dough and you just have to keep playing with it to get the right color. That’s okay too! Try these steps out at your next appointment. Your stylist will be impressed and you’ll leave less room for interpretation. Communication is a major key.

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